Call to Caucus

We all deserve a break after this hard-fought election but the State Democratic Party requires that all local Democratic committees elect or re-elect their officers every two years —  chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer.  The rules require that the reorganization occur between Dec. 1, 2017 and Jan. 15, 2018.   If there is, or is likely to be, more than one nominee for any position then a caucus is required.  Our caucus will be held on Dec. 12.

Who can vote?  SDC members who come to the Staunton City Council room before 7 pm on Dec. 12, 2017, who fill out a SDC membership application form satisfactorily, and pay $20 dues unless already paid in 2017 (but dues payment is not mandatory).

Who are the candidates?  — Candidates will be listed alphabetically on an official ballot from nominees posted on the SDC website. A person can be nominated by another member with his/her consent, or nominate oneself, by sending an email to the vice-chair stating that the nominee is a member of the SDC and commits to taking the position for two years (2018-2019).  A short statement of why running is optional.  Nominees will be posted on the SDC website.

Nominations can be made any time between now and Dec 2

See the Reorganization page for more details.



Congratulations to Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring for their wins last night! And let’s not forget all the Democrats who won House of Delegates races state-wide!

Senator Mark Warner to appear in Staunton on Nov. 5

Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro Democratic Committees announce the appearance of Virginia Senator Mark Warner and DNC Chair Tom Perez at Kline’s Dairy Bar in Staunton this Sunday during their statewide campaigning tour.

Democrat Virginia Senator Mark Warner and National Democratic Committee Chair Tom Perez will stop by Kline’s Dairy Bar on 906 Greenville Avenue in Staunton at 4:00 PM on Sunday Nov. 5, 2017. Senator Warner and DNC Chair Perez will greet and speak with local citizens about the Democrats’ message before Election Day, November 7th.

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