Where are we NOW?

A day at the White House

On July 13th, 130 member of Virginia Organizing and The Common Purpose Project visited the White House for a day of dialogue with senior policy members.

As part of the program*, Liz Fowler, Special Assistant to the President for Healthcare, gave a concise and exciting overview of what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already accomplished. There is too much to include here, but below is a sample dozen chosen from Fowler’s list:

  1. 70,000 people with pre-existing conditions, who previously could not get coverage, now have medical insurance. In August 28,000 more Americans will be covered.
  2. Starting in 2013 insurance companies can no longer discriminate against anyone with a preexisting condition.
  3. 105 million people no longer fear running out of health insurance because their insurance imposes a limit just when they need it the most. Limits are no longer allowed.
  4. So far, 5.3 million seniors have saved $3.7 billion in prescription costs.
  5. There are NO CUTS in benefits to Medicare. That’s zero cuts!
  6. Insurance companies ow must use the money we pay them to actually pay for medical care–not for overhead and administration.
  7. Large companies must use 85% for medical services and small must use 80%.
  8. In August 2012, 12.8 million Americans will get a rebate from their insurance companies because they used too much of their premiums on administration, bonuses, etc.
  9. Any proposed rate increase by insurers–at or above 10%–will be examined by independent experts to make sure it is justified.
  10. Eighty-nine agencies across the country are actively working to reduce costs and improve the quality of healthcare services.
  11. The “Partnership for Patients” is working to reduce hospital injuries by 20% by the end of next year–4,000 hospitals are participating in this program.
  12. Extra pay has been stopped to managed care Medicare providers–programs where care-management companies are hired to coordinate care between doctors and patients. This alone has saved $10.7 billion in two years.

*This information sharing program is a continuation of the White House Community Leaders Briefing Series that is hosted by the White House.

Just thought you should know.

Written and Produced by V. Downie, Printed and Distributed by Caroline County Democratic Committee, July 2012


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