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Next Meeting – June 13th

The Staunton and Augusta County Democratic Committees will meet jointly on Tuesday, June 13 at 7 pm in the City Council room at 116 West Beverley Street.  All are welcome. See you there!



Next Meeting May 9th

The May meeting of the Staunton and Augusta County Democratic Committees will take place 7:00 pm Tuesday May 9 in the Staunton City Council meeting room.
The room is on the first floor of City Hall, 116 W. Beverley Street. The Beverley Street entrance may be closed, so enter through the police department entrance at the end of the lower walkway from Central Avenue, and take the elevator up one floor.

The two committees will meet together and then separately.
Notes on the SDC/ACDC meeting of April 11 were sent out April 23; copies will be available on May 9.

Agenda items are welcome.  There will be a report on the local Democratic committee caucuses at Verona on April 27 relating to the 6th District Democratic convention on May 20 (draft SDC caucus minutes are attached).

There will be reports on past and upcoming activities and events, including committee proposals to invite Democratic candidates to an event on May 22.  We look forward to seeing you!

General information is available at, and more current and related news on our Facebook page.

6th District Democratic Committee Convention on May 20, 2017 in Lexington

The 6th District Democratic Committee will hold a Convention on May 20 in Lexington to among other things elect 6th District Committee members for the period 2017 –  2021.  Staunton is entitled to send 9 delegates and 1 alternate to the Convention.  The SDC Caucus held April 27 nominated the two persons who had volunteered to be a delegate up to date.  The SDC Caucus authorized SDC Chair David Bottenfield to appoint additional delegates to the May 20 Convention as appropriate, and further, to inform Staunton Democrats by SDC email and website notice to contact David if they wished to be a delegate.