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SAW Area Chapter Next Steps

What can you do, you ask? Here’s a list for your consideration:

  • Donate to the campaign and solicit friends and colleagues inside and outside the district to do the same.
  • Suggest ideas for fundraisers and explore options in order to pitch an idea. (My crazy idea of the day is having a district-wide day of yard sales for the campaign accompanied by the optics of our campaign raising money from yard sales while our opponent raises money from big corporate donors and PACs outside our district. No idea is unworthy of consideration!)
  • Write “Letters to the Editor” to your local paper. Google Bob Goodlatte’s voting record, pick an issue and write a letter. If you need tips or info about how to do this, let us know!
  • Consider doing outreach for the campaign and suggesting ways to organize and reach out to specific groups of people and organizations. We particularly need outreach to small business owners, educators, health care professionals and farmers.
  • Think about endorsements. We are all members of national, state and local organizations. Research their processes for gaining an endorsement and let us know the details. In process are the AFL-CIO, NOW and Sierra Club. Who’s next?
  • Register and share information about the Founding Principles Summit Series. Information is available at:
  • Ask the DNC and VADems what they are doing to help the Kai Degner for Congress We need to get on their radar ASAP and you can help!

Position statements and yard signs are coming!


Julie Scofield

SAW Area Chapter
Kai Degner for Congress Campaign



Note: These links to candidate web pages are for information purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by the Staunton Democratic Committee. Clicking on a link below will take you away from the SDC website.

Hillary Clinton

Kai Degner


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