Volunteers Needed

Katie Cathey needs 60 volunteers!  Please help out by taking a two-hour shift on Election Day at whichever voting station you desire, starting whenever you want, at 6 am, or 8, or  10, 12, 2, 4, or 6 pm (the polls close at 7).  All you have to do is stand outside the voting place (a legal distance) with a smile, and greet folks, thanking them for coming out to vote.  It is important to have a Democratic presence.

If you can come, and inspire a friend or neighbor to help out as well, that would be great!

To give us the time and location you’d prefer please sign up at our Democratic Campaign Office at 103 W. Beverley Street next to the Taste of India restaurant, or email Katie Cathey at katicath@verizon.net, or text/call Katie at 540 292-3473.


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