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​Get to Know our Candidate Night for Kai Degner

Wednesday, September 7
5:30 to 7:30 pm
White Star Tavern
1 Mill Street in Staunton

Please join hosts Barbara Lee, Bruce Elder, Carolyn Dull, Dan Sullivan, David Bottenfield, Frank Nolen, Jennifer Lewis, Lee Ann Kinkade, Lori McMillan and Terry Holmes for a gathering in support of the Kai Degner for Congress campaign. This is a great chance to come out and get to know the Harrisonburg former mayor and current City Councilman, realtor, and entrepreneur who is taking on the establishment, big outside money incumbent, Bob Goodlatte. There will be a cash bar and light refreshments served. Come one and all to hear from our candidate, and please help us spread the word.

Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2016

Minutes of our last SDC Meeting on July 12, 2016

Call to order by Chair Katie Cathey at 7:30 PM. Persons from both Staunton and Augusta County in attendance for the early (7 PM) joint portion. Notes reflect discussions at both segments, joint and city.

Approval of Minutes:    A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the Called Meeting of June 14.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer Ken Venable reported a balance of $188.10. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Kai Degner campaign: Julie Scofield passed on Kai’s happiness with his participation in the 4 July Parade.  She informed that Kai will hold ‘Leadership Luncheon’s on 23 July in Harrisonburg and 30 July in Roanoke at which he hopes to meet with folks interested in working on his campaign. He would also like to work with the various Democratic committees in the District, and Julie will be the Staunton focal point for those wishing to offer support of any kind.

Young Democrats:  Laura Kleiner reported that the group agreed their goals for the year.  The YD meet monthly at the Staunton Depot Grill.

6th District Information:  Laura Kleiner informed on the District-wide effort to order campaign signs with Clinton-Degner on them. Friday 15 July is the deadline for providing the District with a required number, and 22 July is the deadline for providing the requisite payment.

Augusta County Fair:  2-6 August.  Frank Nolen is counting on Staunton to participate in manning the Democratic booth at the Fair which will run from 3-6 August, with 2 August as the set-up day. He will email out a volunteer schedule and update it every couple of days as names are placed against time slots. Frank added that he is counting on Staunton to join Augusta County in sharing the Fair registration fee cost.

Old Business: 4th of July Celebration:  Katie thanked all those who participated in the parade and assisted in decorating the float.  Frank Nolen of Augusta County was thanked for providing his truck and wagon for the parade.

New Business:  Minutes: Acting Secretary/minute-taker Phil Minez suggested that the Committee may want to consider at the next meeting if we should post recent copies of approved Meeting Minutes on the Staunton Democratic Party webpage.  It was agreed to discuss and decide at the next monthly meeting. African-American Heritage Celebration:  17-18 September.  Ken Venable stated that he would inquire as to when a check would be required for our participation at a booth. Fundraising:  Laura Kleiner suggested that a fundraiser sooner than later would be a good idea. Various ideas were bandied about with the most commonly accepted one being a wine and cheese social at the Party HQ in Staunton at which a $10 donation would be suggested.  Those interested in working on this idea would meet at 5 PM on 21 July at the HQ to plan.  A tentative date/time for the event was offered as August 13 from 3-5/6 PM.  Further discussion on Election Signs: Discussion centered on the number of District Clinton-Degner signs needed by Staunton with 100-200 being suggested.  Ken Venable at cell (614)-886-7438 would take commitments and payment for Staunton Democrats wishing signs working under the deadlines of 15 and 22 July as stated above.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, 9 August, 6 PM for a picnic and 7 PM for the meeting, Montgomery Hall Park

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Phil Minez, Acting Secretary

Upcoming Events for Kai Degner


SAW Kai Degner Report

Hi Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro (SAW) Friends of Kai Degner for Congress,

Here’s the second edition report. Please send me corrections, additions or other commentary and please share the news throughout your networks of friends and colleagues who may be interested in contributing to our efforts.

The Week Ahead

Kai’s focus in the near term is FUNDRAISING! While the campaign has done well in its first few weeks, we really need to raise bigger money faster to be able to move forward with all the activities and events necessary to win this election. Consider reaching out far and wide for donations and the sooner the better. In addition to raising money, the coming week will include a visit to the Augusta County Fair (see below.)

SAW Events Scheduled or in Process

Augusta County Fair (Aug. 2-6, Contact: Julie Scofield at

The response has been very good for volunteers covering the Augusta County Democrats’ booth at the Fair. If anyone is still interested, there are times on Friday and Saturday that could still use some volunteers. And, it would be great to have Kai Degner for Congress volunteers there as much as possible. Kai will be at the Fair on Friday and/or Saturday to walk around and talk with people. I’ll let you know when his time is confirmed so you can come on down and say hello or walk about showing support for the campaign.

 Hands Across our Land (Aug. 18, Contact: Jennifer Lewis)

This is a confirmed event for Kai the evening of August 18th.

“Get to Know Kai Degner” event with SAW Dems and Valley Grassroots (Contact: Julie Scofield)

We are still looking for dates and venues for this event. Stay tuned.

Staunton Fundraiser featuring the Judy Chops (Sept. 2, Contact: Nick Walge)

David Bottenfield, Staunton Democratic Committee Chair has offered his property on West Beverley for the event (the former AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar.) We are working out the details but stay tuned for the announcement of this event. Many thanks to Nick Walge for taking the lead in getting this together.

Founding Principles Summit in Staunton “Preserving America the

Beautiful” (Oct. 1, Contact Julie Scofield or Lori McMillan)

We are still scouting locations but are making some progress in finding a venue for this event. Continue spreading the word.

SAW Area Chapter Next Steps

What can you do, you ask? Here’s a list for your consideration:

  • Donate to the campaign and solicit friends and colleagues inside and outside the district to do the same.
  • Suggest ideas for fundraisers and explore options in order to pitch an idea. (My crazy idea of the day is having a district-wide day of yard sales for the campaign accompanied by the optics of our campaign raising money from yard sales while our opponent raises money from big corporate donors and PACs outside our district. No idea is unworthy of consideration!)
  • Write “Letters to the Editor” to your local paper. Google Bob Goodlatte’s voting record, pick an issue and write a letter. If you need tips or info about how to do this, let us know!
  • Consider doing outreach for the campaign and suggesting ways to organize and reach out to specific groups of people and organizations. We particularly need outreach to small business owners, educators, health care professionals and farmers.
  • Think about endorsements. We are all members of national, state and local organizations. Research their processes for gaining an endorsement and let us know the details. In process are the AFL-CIO, NOW and Sierra Club. Who’s next?
  • Register and share information about the Founding Principles Summit Series. Information is available at:
  • Ask the DNC and VADems what they are doing to help the Kai Degner for Congress We need to get on their radar ASAP and you can help!

Position statements and yard signs are coming!


Julie Scofield

SAW Area Chapter
Kai Degner for Congress Campaign


Next Meeting August 9th Potluck

On August 9th the Staunton and Augusta County Democratic Committees will meet at Montgomery Hall Park for a potluck picnic at 6, followed by a business meeting at 7 pm.  Please bring a dish to share and your own plates and utensils.  One way to reach the park is to turn on to Montgomery Avenue from West Beverley Street, near Newtown Bakery.  Another way is to go west on Stuart Street and turn left on Montgomery Avenue.  As you enter the park, follow the park road that goes to the left and curves around and up the hill, and you’ll come to the picnic pavilions.  Look for your fellow Dems!  We’ll meet rain or shine. Waynesboro Democrats are welcome too.