Monthly Meetings in Staunton

The Staunton Democratic Committee has regular monthly meetings  at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of every month in the Staunton City Council room. All are welcome.

City Hall is at 116 W. Beverley Street. The Beverley Street entrance may be closed, so enter through the police department entrance at the end of the lower walkway from Central Avenue. Take the elevator up one floor.

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Staunton Democratic Committee Opposes the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

On March 14, 2017 the Staunton Democratic Committee passed the following motion unanimously:   Be it resolved that the Staunton Democratic Committee opposes the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming and the pipeline is a major investment in fossil fuel technology; and because our basic power needs can be met without it; and because it has an adverse effect on safety, water quality and the natural environment; and it exercises eminent domain without serving the public interest.

Minnutes of SDC Meeting October 11, 2016

Call to order by Chair David Bottenfield at 7:00 PM. Democrats from Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County in attendance for the joint portion.  Notes reflect discussions at both segments, joint and Staunton.

Approval of Minutes:    A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the Called Meeting of 13 September.  Minutes were passed unanimously.

Young Democrats:  Laura Kleiner reported on the group’s voter registration drive with 18 registered thus far.  The YDs also recommend that a sign be placed at the HQ indicating the location of the W. Beverley Street Campaign Office.

6th District Information:  Laura reported that online campaign merchandise would soon be available; and that Virginia Democrats had endorsed a “No” vote on an Election Day amendment concerning the ‘Right to Work.’

Kai Degner campaign: Julie Scofield stated that the campaign has raised $100,000 thus far for the 6th Congressional District race but needs much more.  Fundraising continues with radio ads starting on the day of this meeting.  Letter to the editor in support of Kai are encouraged. The much coveted Sierra Club endorsement was obtained.  Julie requested $1000 from each committee for the Degner Campaign. The motion was made and agreed to positively support the request.

Beverley Street Campaign Office and Coordinated Campaign:  Charlotte Shnaider informed that the Campaign Office was in need of more volunteers and requested sign-ups.  Eric provided the positive feedback of out-of-town visitors.

Paint the Valley Blue 2016 Event (8 October):  David Bottenfield thanked all those who helped with the set-up.  The speakers were well received and AG Herring was especially pleased with the crowd and the campaign office set-up. Katie Cathey offered to write ‘thank you’ notes to the musical performers for their support.  David proposed that of $1400 in proceeds, $700 be allocated to each committee, SDC and ACDC.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer Ken Venable reported a balance of $1831.60 on the September 30th bank statement, before the addition of funds raised at the ‘Paint the Valley Blue’ event.  A positive balance of over $2579 is anticipated.   A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:   Katie Cathey stated that she needed help in organizing folks who would be present on Election Day at the polling places.  David Bottenfield informed that Terry Holmes offered to host an election night event at the White Star Tavern.  He also stated that LT Governor Northam would be available for a Staunton appearance on November 28th.  An event for the LT Gov at the White Star Tavern and Mr. Northam’s participation in the 28 November Holiday Parade were suggested and discussed. Katie, David, Frank, and Andrea volunteered to serve on a committee to organize both events and more volunteers are solicited.  David raised the idea that we should soon start local efforts to elect good people to public office. Nick MacNeil suggested that we could all speak to five persons in support of that idea.

Next Meeting:  TBD, 7 PM meeting, at Staunton City Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Phil Minez, Acting Secretary

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